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Here is some useful information for working with the Sound Co-op

1. Billing: Your group will not be billed at all. The Concert Committee pays our workers, so be very grateful to them.

2. Vehicles: Unless your equipment is already where it needs to be or is next-door (i.e. Eclectic, Beta), you must provide a vehicle to move the equipment. Providing a vehicle is not the responsibility of the Sound Co-op worker.

3. Lifting: When picking up and dropping off equipment, bring someone(s) along to help you. Sound Co-op workers may lend a hand carrying equipment, but the heavy lifting should be done by the organizers of the event.

4. Book ahead: If you make a request less than a week in advance, we cannot guarantee you a worker or equipment. If there are already 3 shows during your event, we probably cannot provide you with sound. If the Sound Co-op cannot do your event, contact ITS or local audio companies for alternative equipment.

5. Cancelling: If you cancel your event, notify the Sound Co-op. If you fail to do so, your group will be placed in bad standing and might be suspended from renting equipment.

6. Damaged/missing items: Your student group will be charged the exact repair cost of any item damaged, and the rental cost of a replacement item if applicable. If an item is lost or destroyed and the WSC determines that the student group or their guests are at fault, the group will be billed for the exact replacement cost. Most of the equipment in the WSC’s inventory is very expensive – on the order of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Be sure you and your guests respect it.

Please be respectful of all co-op members and the time they spend to consider each request and work on a show. We do what we do to create a more exciting campus experience and look forward to making your event successful.